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dijous, de novembre 18, 2004

Final assignment!

...a summary....!

Actually, I am not leaving Barcelona allready! I am still here for one month. But I can tell you how I ´survived´ the last two months!
I will tell you the main points, what I liked, what I found straingst etc.

I think the people here, are much, much more closed than I am used to in Holland. For example in bars or restaurants. The employees will never laugh to you and are not open and/or friendly. I really learned so much more about their culture. I didn´t know they had their own culture. But because of that knowledge, I understand them more, so that is a good point, I think.
What I respect, is that the people are very proud at their culture, and they keep it alive. That´s something that I miss in my country. Of course there is culture. But the people don´t care that much about it, and it is also to multicultural.

What I like here, is that the atmosphere is not that stressed as in Holland. Of course it is a busy city, but for example at school, I didn´t had the feeling that I had to do more than I could. I think the people here do not get a burn out that fast as in Holland!

It is difficult to tell you everything that I have done and seen here in Barcelona the last two months, it is really to much!
But the most important things were the visit to St. Sadurní and its cava festival, La Merce, Mozart in Palau de la Musicá, the magic fontains at Montjuïc and Montserrat.
I have seen many nice bars and restaurants, Margerita Blue, I liked the most!

Ok, now some advice for the international students of next year... Hmm..let´s see...
I think I would recommend them to search for a home, an appartment, befóre they come here. Then you have not so many stress in the first week here. That is a good start.
I want to say that they must absolutely NOT eat or drink something at la Ramla!!!
It´s really to expensive over there!
I would say to them that they should bring a lot of money and enjoy your time here, and see and do as much as you can. School gives you that opportunity, because you have not that many classes.
I would reccomend St. Sadurní and it´s cava party! That is really nice, we had so much fun that day and we found out that the people there, were very friendly and much more open then here in Barca.

At last I want to say that I really enjoyed ´Approach to Catalan Culture´, I really liked to learn many things from the culture here, it really helped me to understand things more, here in Catalonia. So, Graham...Thank you very much!!!

Sanne den Bakker,

dilluns, de novembre 08, 2004

Nearing the end

Hi Sanne

It sounds like you chose two very interesting people to talk to about their identity. It's particularly interesting for me to read about all this, because with all you students asking a lot of different people, it's possible to get a better idea about how people feel in general about living here. It gives a different idea than if you listen to the radio, read the newspapers, etc.

The final assignment is to write a summary of what you have seen and done, and to offer some advice to those students coming next year. what should they do / shouldn't they do?