dilluns, d’octubre 04, 2004

my first experiences in Barca!

My general experiences of Barcelona after two weeks beeing here:

* I really have the feeling that this is a city which is allways alive, during day and night, there is allways something to do, for example a festival here or there.
This afternoon, we went to the beach, just for a quick swim. But when we arrived, there was an ´aireplane stuntshow´ going on, what a luck!

* I find it very exhausting to come or go somewhere in Barcelona; you have to walk, take the metro, walk again, take another one, walk etc. etc. I am not used to that. I really prefer a bike. What brings me to another new experience: I haven´t seen any bike here in Barca!

* If you go to the ´Bagueteriá´ (bakery), you will see so many nice and unique (sugered) breads and cookies. I tasted ´coca´, it is typical Catalan and it looks like a long, thin, hard cookie with a lot of sugar on the top. It tasted very well and was not expensive.
But I also found out, that in some Bagueteriá´s, the sandwiches are really expensive. We were in such a shop, on the Rambla, and bought a piece of pizzabread and a little ´vegetable thing´.
The last one was 4 euros, and the pizzabread was 7.50 euros! So...that was not a good idea!!