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My expectations before coming here

Because I am allready in Barcelona for a while, I cannot remember all my expectations that I had before I came here.
But during my preperationtime in Holland, I thought it would be very difficult to find an appartement here, I was really worried about it. But a few days before our flight, we found something on the internet which looked very nice, and now we live there! I found out that it is not very difficult to find a place to live, here in Barca.

I expected nice temperatures and a lot of sun before I came here. I was thinking about the sea, swimming and a real ´holiday climate´.
But I didn´t know that Barcelona was really that close to the sea, I expected the city a bit more into the country.

To be onest, I forgot the Catalan language and the whole culture..because I had Spanisch courses at our school in Holland, I didn´t realize that the people speak Catalan here. And I was not really prepared to a whole different culture (Catalunya) in this part of Spain...!

I thougt everything was in the style of ´Gaudí´, because we heard so much about him, that I expected Gaudí builings everywhere in Barcelona, so in reality there are less then I expected before my arrival.

Before I came, I had no idea what the people eat here, I didn´t know anything about what the restaurants are serving, or what you can buy in a supermarket.
And I thought the clothes were much cheaper, some people in Holland told me that, but in reality, it is almost the same price as in our country.

I expected more cultures in our class, I didn´t know that there would be so many Dutch people, I thought that there would be more people outside of Europe. I also expected that we would be mixed with the Catalan students, I didn´t know that there was a special international class!
I also thougt that almost all the classes were in Spanisch, and I didn´t expect the people here to speak English, so actually I am very happy that there are teachers who speak English....! Because my Spanisch is not very good, but it will become better, I am sure!!


Blogger Graham said...

Hi Sanne

I agree with you - it's a shame that there isn't more of a mix of nationalities. The reason that the classes are not in Spanish (although you do have the option to go to some don't you?) is that normally the level of Spanish of the group isn't high enough. Well, you can always try writing in Spanish here. ¿Qué te parece?


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