dimecres, d’octubre 13, 2004


Last weekend I talked to some Spanish and Catalan people about there opinions of beeing Spanish or Catalan..
First of all I talked to a woman in a clothes store, were I bought some shirts. I asked her if she lived here, in Barcelona. And yes, she did. Her name is Anna Lopez. I told her that I live here for three months and that I would like to know more about Catalan culture.
She told me that she did not really bother about beeing Catalan or not. She felt more Spanish than Catalan. She lived here all her life, and her parents are very Catalan. She said that that is maybe one of the reasons why she doesn´t like the ´Catalan thing´.
She want to be more Spanish, and she doesn´t want to stay here in Barcelona for all of her life. She want to move to Madrid. By the way, she is 24 years old.
And of course, she doesn´t share the idea of Catalunya beeing apart from Spain. She sees it as a culture, but not as a different country.

I also talked to the owner of Pere Ventura (cavahouse) about this subject. His name is Josep
and he is 58 years old. Just like I expected, he feels reaaaalllyyy Catalan!
He is very nationalistic an superproud of his Catalan product; the cava!
He told me that I had to know that Catalunya is a very different country then the rest of Spain. He fights for getting Catalunya apart, and he is very into the Catalan culture.
It was difficult to speak with him, because he didn´t speak Spanish so very well, and he told me that he didn´t like to speak Spanish so much...of course he prefered Catalan!
But he was very friendly and really wanted me to know how beautiful Catalunya is.

That were my two chats with local people about beeing Spanish or Catalan.
Personally, I think Catalunya has his own culture, of course, but every region in every country has that! Especially here in Spain.
So I think we have to know and respect this culture, but it is not neccesairy to get it apart from Spain.