dimecres, d’octubre 13, 2004


Last weekend we did a lot of cultural (Catalan!) things, which you recommended us!
We went to Sant Sadurní, where the cava festival was going on. It was really nice, we looked around and tasted different sorts of cava. The people were very friendly and let us taste for free, so nice!
After the festival, we walked to Pere Ventura, a very big cava´house´. A man gave us a private tour under the ground, where we saw soooo many cava´s, incredable!
He explained to us, in Spanish, how to make the cava. We really laughed a lot. After the visit we bought some bottles of cava. We had a really nice day, so Graham, thank you very much for this nice reccomandacion!



Blogger Graham said...

Hi Sanne!

I'm glad you had a great time. It's one of my favourite places to visit too

8 de novembre de 2004 a les 15:51  

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